ROV Hire

Observation class ROVs have become relatively affordable thanks to innovative companies like Sofar however the cost of purchasing an ROV and all its support systems and equipment can still present a bit of a challenge…even for well funded government departments.

To help encourage greater involvement in underwater exploration and to give people a chance to try before they buy, we offer the following equipment hire packages and a solid commitment to helping you set out in the right direction.

Weekend Hire

If you are familiar with technology and have previous experience operating remote controlled vehicles or drones then a weekend hire package is the ideal way to give underwater exploration a try. The basic weekend package starts at $199 plus delivery.

Weekly Hire (Recommended)

If you would like to spend a bit more time getting to know Trident before heading out on an expedition then this is the package for you. Start by exploring your pool and then graduate to a dive in the wild as soon as you are ready. The basic weekly package starts at $249 plus delivery.

Monthly Hire

Immerse yourself in the world of underwater exploration with time to develop your skills and share the experience with others. Take Trident on your next boating trip to the Bay or to the Great Barrier Reef to see what you can see see see. The basic monthly package starts at $699 plus delivery.

A note about our terms and conditions

Please note the prices shown above are based on our terms and conditions of hire including payment in full prior to delivery and return of the ROV and all it’s equipment at the end of the hire period without loss or damage. A refundable deposit and/or credit card authority is required to secure payment of additional charges in case the ROV or its equipment is lost or damaged.

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