ROV Hire

For short term projects, we provide access to the following micro observation class ROV systems:

  • Sofor Trident – small and great for quick observations.
  • FiFish V6 – complete with VR headset for an immersive experience.
  • BlueROV2 – a more capable system with options in support of different underwater missions.

We also have access to more capable systems so contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements for observations, surveying, sampling and other light work.

Weekend Hire

A weekend hire package is the ideal way to give underwater exploration a quick try before you buy.

Weekly Hire

Weekly hire allows you to test and adjust your systems before deploying to your location of choice.

Monthly Hire

Contact us for information on long term hire in support of your underwater exploration.

A note about our terms and conditions

Please note the prices shown above are based on our terms and conditions of hire including payment in full prior to delivery and return of the ROV and all it’s equipment at the end of the hire period without loss or damage. A refundable deposit and/or credit card authority is required to secure payment of additional charges in case the ROV or its equipment is lost or damaged.

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