Facilitated Tours and Expeditions

If you live in Brisbane or if you plan to visit one day then give some thought to a tour of Moreton Bay.

We can facilitate half day tours for busy people, full day tours for a good look around and weekend tours (or long weekends) for a chance to immerse yourself in underwater exploration with some spare time to relax and enjoy the environment (camping overnight or staying at one of the island resorts along the way).

We often go in search of sunken treasures…mostly in the form of sea grass meadows and coral reefs…but we occasionally find unexpected treasures in the form of single use plastic (stay tuned for more on this initiative), lost anchors, iPhones and surprise artifacts like push bikes and shopping trolleys.

Are you interested in contributing towards Citizen Science? We certainly are. If you want to make a difference in your own life and to the life of others then we can help get you in touch with like minded people. An expedition in support of Coral Watch or Reef Check might just give you a sense of satisfaction you haven’t felt for a while.

Warning – check the fine print – never work with children, animals…or the environment!

Conditions change, unexpected events happen, things go wrong, electronics and salt water are never good friends, some expeditions involve hard work and we might just get wet. O’ God thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.

We only operate when conditions are safe because we love what we do but we also love coming home. This sometimes mean we have to change plans and run away bravely.