Hello, my name is Jason Perry and this is my website. I encourage you to explore it, your local environment and the world in general.

By way of introduction I am happy to be known as a citizen scientist, an engineer, a maker of things and a farmer’s son. I love boats and I love being in, on or near the ocean. More importantly I am also the father of two daughters with curious minds.

My desire to “see under sea” started when I was a child myself. I had seen some movies about coral, about sharks and about the great unknown that the ocean was at the time and I wanted to know more. I wanted to see it for myself. This desire became a passion when I completed an advanced open water dive qualification on the Great Barrier Reef more than 25 years ago.

Back then Jacques Cousteau had just finished his tour of ‘Australie’ and the World Wide Web was starting to become popular. Gadgets and things were making their way underwater (electronic dive computers were the must-have items of the day) however high definition video streaming was still more than a decade away for most of us. Getting wet was all part of the fun.

As technology advanced and high resolution digital cameras became readily available I became aware of a community of underwater explorers that were building and operating their own remotely operated underwater vehicles or ROVs. These little robots could dive deeper, stay down longer and swim faster than I could. Some of them were so small they could fit in carry-on baggage. These little devices could do things that I just couldn’t…or wouldn’t…or shouldn’t.

After purchasing one of these ROVs I soon found myself surrounded by other curious minds that were eager to know more.

Parents and teachers started telling me of their concerns and their challenges in getting kids interested in STEM…funnily enough as their children were lining up and sometimes jostling to control an advanced underwater robot in three dimensions with no direct line of sight that was exposed to external forces created by laws of physics acting through the natural environment all with the help of high grade ex-military technology used to display live video and telemetry on a virtual controller using state of art computer coding…but with nothing to do with STEM according to the children!

And so the idea began…

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