seeUnderSea supports and encourages citizen scientists and underwater explorers of all ages by providing:

  • Access to technology and tools that allow safe, effective and efficient exploration of underwater environments;
  • Training and development activities to encourage greater participation in underwater exploration, marine science, technology, engineering problem solving and story telling;
  • Advice and support to individuals and organisations wishing to develop their own underwater drone capabilities;
  • Site specific investigations and mission planning services in support of challenging or high risk in-water operations;
  • Incursions, excursions and STEM extension programs for senior primary and secondary school aged explorers; and
  • Engineering based investigations of natural and man-made structures located in the underwater environment.

ROV Equipment Hire

Basic hire packages include access to the Sofar Trident with a 25m long tether packed into a rugged “carry-on” sized case.

To control Trident you will also need an Android device running the Sofar Trident mobile app. If you don’t have one of these then don’t worry, we can provide one upon request.

To help you go further and to dive deeper, an additional 100m long tether is available upon request. This extra long tether comes with its own reel for fast and easy tether management.

For additional capability, we also offer the BlueROV2 Heavy system with a range of optional features such as the grabber, DVL and UGPS navigation (POA).

Training to get you started

Because underwater exploration is so much more than just a device.

To help you set out in the right direction, seeUnderSea provides an instruction manual and access to basic training materials covering ROV safety and operation as part of our standard hire packages

Additional training can be arranged upon request to increase your skills and to improve your ability to use Trident as an effective tool for underwater exploration. Topics include mission planning, methods for interacting with and observing physical objects, underwater image collection and introduction to marine science/engineering observations.


Please use the following information to contact seeUnderSea:

  • For more information including general requests and enquiries, please send an email to
  • You can normally expect a reply within 24 to 48 hours.
  • For urgent enquiries or for assistance with your current expedition, please call me (Jason) directly on 0410 691 665.
  • Leave a message and/or send an SMS if I am unable to answer your call.
  • I am normally able to respond within a couple of hours (most days).
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